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Digitize the food sector – from farm to fork


We are sure that you have thought about digitizing not just your production line but your core business as well. From data- and software architecture to business model innovation – wer are here to help. Our experience in the food industry combined with a data driven skillset we help you to not just solve your problems but grow into new business. We help you to get things done.


You want your own workshop to raise awareness and acceptance for digitalization in your company? You want to get ideas on how to solve a problem? You want to prototype or produce a minimum viable product to convince your peers? That’s waht we do best. We believe in what we do – so let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work together.


If you need a special software, app, predictive model, chatbot, voice- or picture recognition… then we are the ones you want to call. We did small- to multi-million euro projects with small- to large stakeholder groups. We develop exactly what you need.

Trust is earned – our clients and partners

Their voice

“…the FoodIntegrityStudio is a highly professional team of experts that exactly know what the food sector needs. The digitalising projects and services we initialised together are truly pioneering and the future of our businesses.“ Othmar Bereuter

Head of the Dairy Department, Chamber of Agriculture

“…the collaboration with the FoodIntegrityStudio team is very successful. The University has great benefits from the professional support in funding and research management. A pleasure to work with these experts – again anytime!” Gerhard Schleining

Ass. Professor , University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna